Should you consider that the business context of your company is :

Less and less predictable
More and more complex
Highly regulated
Sensitive to new technologies

And that you are a genuine “Entrepreneur” conscious that taking risks is inherent to gaining success. Then, PREVALEAS could support your business and help you in clarifying:

The limits you want to set for risk-taking, to achieve your strategic goals, while complying with your company’s values and ethics
The risk environment in which your business evolves and how you can affect it
What constitutes your company’s assets and how you want to protect them
What you must reasonably put in place to prepare for the worst and to ensure the company survival

To implement this proposal PREVALEAS proposes a two-step approach :
The first essential step, is to perform a quick diagnosis. It is composed of the following main elements:

An analysis of the risks to which the company is exposed and how it deals with them.
A quick identification of the company’s assets: the “jewels of the house”.
A simple diagnosis of the approach to governance, risk prevention, crisis management and insurance program management.
It takes 5 days to complete this work, as long as the necessary information is provided, and the management team is available.
This diagnosis is made free of charge and does not bind the company; the only compensation requested is for travel expenses.

This diagnosis makes it possible to better understand the company’s situation on the issues of risk, prevention and insurance. This allows us to prepare, if necessary, a fine-tuned proposal to meet both the company’s genuine requirements and the expectations of Directors. This is the second step.

Once the terms of reference are agreed, a project team is set up. Project management from kick- off to completion are carried out by PREVALEAS.

Both project content and organisation will necessarily vary from one company to another, but we can nevertheless include the following common structure :
WP1: Set the limits of risk taking
WP2: Understand the risk environment
WP3: Protect the reputation and assets
WP4: Anticipate the actions for ensuring business continuity in case of major issue

An attractive pricing approach to fees will be proposed with a split including a fixed part and a success fee.