Which entrepreneur would like to experience the loss of a central warehouse, significant injuries to a customer due to a faulty product, a breach of customer personal information or the on-site accidental death of an employee?
Such situations could affect business continuity, damage the business reputation or result in legal action against the directors.

Our mission is to help you to prevent these situations occurring and to help lead the business into operational excellence.
Our approach includes an initial free of charge diagnosis. It provides an overview of your company’s status in risk prevention in order to better identify your requirements.
It provides also a basis for setting the objectives in terms of risk reduction and insurance programme savings.

In addition to our service offer, we sell a range of web-based solutions to support the implementation of risk prevention processes and make these even more effective with a cost that should be off-set in first year.

PREVALEAS is independent from insurance brokers and insurers and the Managing Partner has a long-standing experience in Retail and Industry.
The web-based solution is supported through a partnership with a sound technology partner.
We are ready to help you to optimise your business risk prevention and business asset protection program within limits you should set yourself.