Exploring new markets, taking advantage of new technologies and developing the company’s offer and services to attract and fulfil customers are the key to risk-taking for successful businesses.

To be stopped in its tracks by a lack of clarity on prevention guidelines, or by being the victim of errors, negligence or malicious acts should be avoided.

Only operational excellence and control can achieve this:

Be clear and concise about the controls to be performed and why

Make it known and train the teams to do it

Monitor and supervise to ensure controls are effectively applied

Review from time to time the control principles and check their relevance.

Our proposal is to help you achieve this goal of operational excellence, to have the assurance that “everything is fine” and thus to allow you to devote yourself fully to the conquest of markets and the prosperity of your business.

By knowing better your risks and by setting the limits not to be exceeded

By developing prevention, control and self-testing in support of monitoring and supervision activities in your organization

By reinstating some organizational discipline: “do well what needs to be done”

By using the PREVALEAS TOŌLKIT, to make control and self-monitoring simple, mobile, efficient, economical, global and evolutionary.

The SĀSĀ method and the PREVALEAS TOŌLKIT software solution are the key components of our service offer. Our purpose is to help you with implementing them.

Should you wish to go further in the experience and benefit from :

A webinar including a presentation of our approach and / or a demonstration of the PREVALEAS TOŌLKIT

A PREVALEAS TOŌLKIT trial to test it in the context of your company and with your teams

A free of charge diagnosis to better identify your requirements.

You can contact us : philippe.valigny@prevaleas.com and +33 (0) 6 08 67 86 81 to make an appointment.