A brief overview of the PREVALEAS TOŌLKIT

Should your business operations potentially :

Put someone’s life in danger (Customers, business partners, colleagues)
Impair the value/availability of the Company’s assets (tangible and intangible) or undermine the brand reputation.

It is then required to set out and to implement a risk prevention policy, procedures and operating instructions for those in charge of running the business.

Should in addition, these operations be decentralised and based in various foreign countries, it is then of paramount importance to regularly check compliance with those risk prevention principles.

More specifically, for management :

To obtain confirmation that the process operator on the opposite side of the planet complies with operating instructions as defined centrally.
To be able to escalate non-compliance issues to those who need to know and/or take action.
To Identify where the problems are (organisation, process) and understand both the nature and cause.
To provide a consolidated view of both quality and effectiveness of the enterprise risk management system.

The cost-effective business solution which is proposed, the PREVALEAS TOŌLKIT, meets those requirements. It provides a framework which is web-based for :

Completing self-test check-lists which are web-based and fully portable (controls are carried out on smartphones or tablets for providing the end-user with comfort and efficiency)
Ensuring integrity and transparency of self-tests through auditing facilities. Following-up corrective actions.
Providing development tools to enable business users to implement their own check-lists
Offering reporting tools for an effective monitoring of specific compliance issues as well as a broader view across a business site, a region, a country, a brand.
Providing a global picture of the company’s compliance with risk prevention principles.

The PREVALEAS TOŌLKIT is an opportunity for setting in a single database controls which are spread across the business and usually in many different supporting tools. It provides a basis for consistency in reporting and a cost-effective way to both process and escalate information on risk and compliance issues.

Application examples :

People’s safety review for a retailer with multiple stores
Self-test of security and fire safety in warehouses or industrial sites
Financial control self-review in a group with many companies to consolidate, including foreign businesses
Self-test of a vehicle fleet maintenance and repair operation
Self-review of the key project management controls for a company managing a backlog of projects (e.g. building, real estate, Information technology)
Review of controls supporting Corporate Social and Environmental reporting.


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